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    The program is divided into weekly sessions and will be administered online.  As a member of ABC Weight Loss program, you will move through the program and progress to the next level after completion of the previous level.  On the program, you will NOT be counting calories and suffering from grueling bouts of hunger. Just stick with the plan and you’ll be surprised at your ability to succeed.

    Don’t need to get "psyched-up" to start!  This program requires only that you get started; we’ll guide you and not leave you to the “hungry wolves”.  You'll  be remarkably surprised, and to repeat, you won’t be hungry.  We don’t recommend diet pills or special supplements.  They can be dangerous!  Meal replacement drinks also don't work; they get you fatter.  Calorie counting is tedious and keeps you focused on food and seldom works over the long term.  The results of calorie-restricted diets set you up for failure.  Let us guide you through a remarkable program that will lead you to permanent weight loss.


  • What is included in the ABC Weight Loss Program?
    • Detailed plan for losing weight
    • Meal Plans and Recipe suggestions to get you started
    • Learn how to accurately measure your weekly progress
    • Measure fat metabolism and see the fat-to-lean body mass change
    • Maximize fat loss and not muscle loss
    • Interact with others who are working toward better health and fat loss
    • Discover the history and logic behind the latest research in fat metabolism
    • Celebrate your success!


  • Easy To Follow & Adapt Program

    We want to help. It is important to us that you succeed. The friendly professionals at ABC Weight Loss want to help you manage your eating habits and steer you towards successful strategies that make losing weight actually fun without undue stress and hunger. Most participants are so amazed and adapt easily. They don’t feel incessantly hungry. Successful weight loss must be accompanied by sound logic, the latest in science and strategies to assure the maximum chance of success. One participant excitedly stated, “I feel this plan really working and with the food I’m allowed to eat; I feel like I should be hiding in the closet when I eat.”  In other words, this plan allows eating foods you never thought possible, yet still lose weight. ABC Weight Loss Plan is easy to follow. It works with you to allow the loss of unhealthy fat, and become fit without undue hardship and stress.


  • Regular Sessions To Monitor Progress

    We test your progress regularly to make certain you are losing weight safely and effectively. We believe in providing individuals with a better and properly informed way to change eating habits. We offer an easy follow program without counting calories. Your progress will be monitored, and we’ll be there to support you. We for an optional additional small fee, we offer personal time to measure your progress and discuss your progress in private:

    • Weight loss program
    • Diet plan
    • Weight management method
    • Safe weight loss technique
    • Accurate fat loss measuring techniques
    • Private
    • Online


  • Celebrate Success With Amazing Results

    You will be amazed and find your progress nearly unbelievable, yet undeniable! If you follow our simple plan, you will have difficulty only in believing the weigh scale and your size. This is the body’s natural way to stay slim and healthy. This plan is NOT hype! The doctors who have developed the program would not risk their reputations by endorsing and delivering something that might risk your health let alone your self-image.