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  • ABC Weight Loss Program

    You have stumbled upon a unique plan for individual weight management and healthy eating habits that if followed properly are beyond a doubt healthy, and effective. This approach has been used with success; in groups, one-on-one sessions, and now at a fraction of the original price, is available online.

    You do not have to starve yourself to be successful in this program, and shouldn’t be hungry. The first week may be a little demanding, but if you adhere to the advice; you should be successful and continue to lose unwanted fat.

    Your paid membership will last for one year.

    The program is divided into twelve modules which are further divided into units.

    You will be provided with:
    • Detailed instructions,
    • Compulsory articles that will be extremely valuable to your progress,
    • the scientific logic behind the program,
    • Meal plans,
    • Recipes to help you add a little excitement and variety to your meals,
    • Once a month an opportunity to OPTIONALLY;
      • Book an appointment at the clinic to;
        • Have staff make measurements to record your fat loss
        • Offer suggestions for continued success
        • An opportunity for the staff to make suggestions to improve our program
        • The cost of the appointment is $60. It includes a body composition.
    • Opportunities to make OPTIONAL online purchases,
    • Suggested reading if you wish to investigate the science more deeply,
    • Success celebrations and certificates,
    • Feedback on your progress.

    Don’t worry, you won’t be lost in a maze of scientific jargon, however, we hope in the normal course of the program, you’ll come to a working knowledge of the logic behind it and once it makes sense, it won’t be difficult in which to adhere. If you understand the basic principles behind the program you won’t accidentally kick yourself out of effective fat loss because of foolish errors made and find yourself frustrated by slow progress.


    1. Modules are designed to be completed each week, initially. Later in the program, each module will be designed to be completed in two weeks. Each module is divided into smaller units. Most units are designed to be completed initially in a one-week period.
    2. The modules are constructed in a "drip" format. That means you will not be able to progress to the next module prior to completing the last. Additionally, the time required to complete a module cannot circumvented. That means you must wait until the week, or two week time period is up, before moving on to the next Module.

    Initially, you will be asked to;

    1. Record your personal history and demographics and complete an informed consent form,
    2. Keep a diary of your progress
    3. Review the goal and objectives of the unit. This is your roadmap and gives you an idea of what is important as well as allowing you to see in advance what hope you will learn.
    4. Complete a short easy assignment
    5. Answer a couple of easy questions related to the assignment

    The First Step

    We hope that this becomes the First Step on your way to a new life of healthy weight management that will be life changing and fat loss will begin and automatically start to occur. This is an exciting time!  We assure you; you'll not be faced with an over-restrictive calorie counting regimen. We do not count calories. Calorie counting leaves you hungry and constantly focused on food. It doesn’t work, and research shows that one loses muscle mass and fat at the same time. This predisposes you to gaining weight back quickly after that type of diet regimen.  The ABC Weight Loss Program works and gets results!

    Don’t let fear get in the way of starting and persevering! The best way to overcome fear is to do what you’ve already done; just get started. Unlike most plans; it won’t cost you thousands of dollars. You have no hidden costs. Anything you wish to purchase from our online store is entirely OPTIONAL. Although our membership is non-refundable, it is for an entire year and presented at a very reasonable cost to you. The only thing we insist upon is that you be consistent and compliant. We know what works and what doesn't. We also want you to understand that everyone has a different metabolism and some will lose fat more rapidly than others. We believe you will be successful, but be honest with yourself and be honest with us. Stick with it, hang in there and high five! You'll be successful!

    Warning: Please do not attempt this program half-heartedly by making modifications without understanding the principles behind the program. Later when you’ve been on the program for some time and truly understand basic principles, you’ll be able to make suitable modifications to suit your specific needs.


    The best time to start is NOW!!

    Regular Price : $699 CAD for 1 Year

    LIMITED TIME Special Price: $299 CAD for 1 year

    For FEW EARLY BIRD Sign ups: Only $199 CAD for 1 Year Membership

    Informed Consent to Treatment

    Please read the following statement carefully , then acknowledge that you have read and approved it by providing the information requested at the bottom of the page. Please note that an eSignature is the electronic equivalent of hand-written signature.

    There are possible risks associated with all treatments used by medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic. Although rare, some conditions may respond negatively to various treatments, nutrition and diet regimens. Nutritional counseling is within the scope of practice of chiropractors.

    While rare, some patients may experience temporary negative symptoms while undergoing changes in their diet. Although most of these symptoms are transitory and participants are informed about the common reactions; it is important for the patient to advise the doctors of unusual reactions and medical conditions prior to undertaking the program. Participants are advised that some conditions, such as diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, blood cholesterol (abnormally high and low cholesterol), cholecystitis (gall bladder inflammation), kidney stones, etc. may be affected. These participants require medical monitoring of their condition as they progress through the weight loss program. Blood tests may be ordered by our medical advisors to help doctors monitor your condition.

    I acknowledge I have read this consent and I have discussed, or have been offered the opportunity to discuss, with my doctor/chiropractor the nature and purpose of the weight loss program and recommendations for my condition, and the contents of this Consent.

    I consent to the nutritional treatment recommended to me by the program doctors including any further assessments by health care professionals. I release Dr. Navdeep Kaur and Dr. John Bickert of liability for any adverse reactions or conditions which may develop while undergoing the ABC Weight Loss Program.

    I intend this consent to apply to all my present and future nutritional advice.