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  • General Misconceptions about Weight Loss

    Each of the following statements are misconceptions. You owe it to yourself to discover the real science behind fat loss and healthy eating. 

    • Calories In= Calories Out X
    • You are fat because you eat too much X
    • Stay away from fats to be slim and healthy X
    • Weight loss is fat loss X
    • Just exercise more and you’ll shed the fat X
    • Thin people have a lower percentage of fat X
    • Lasting weight loss is difficult; if not impossible X
    • Fat people just need to be more active X
    • If I reduce my calorie intake; I will be more  energetic X
    • Following the Canada Food Guide is an easy way to maintain proper nutrition and lose weight X
    • Weight loss shakes are effective in helping shed fat X
    • Pills and nutraceuticals will help me shed fat by lowering my hunger and thus reduce my food cravings and food intake X
    • I have tried everything and just can’t lose weight X
    • I have slow metabolism and can’t lose weight X
    • I just need to be happy with who I am as a fat person X
    • It’s no use, I just need to be happy as a fat person X

    Each of the above statements are frequently heard in ABC Weight Loss modules.  If you believe all of them, then you'd believe that cutting the end off a cucumber and rubbing it on your elbow will remove bitterness. Join ABC Weight Loss today! 

    • There is sound research that states:

              a. Eating fat leads to clogged arteries X - False, your not alone in this assumption.

              b. Best way to lose weight is to exercise X- False, exercise is beneficial but just exercise will not necessarily lose your weight.

              c. All calorie sources are the same X - False, join ABC and get the real scientific position.

              d. Cravings cannot be controlled X - False, there is a way to reduce your cravings.


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  • Misconception?  I think so!!

    This is not ABC Math.